Former Board

H.E. Mr. Pote Sarasin
Founding Past Chairman 1967-2000

Mr. Chow Chowkwanyun
Founding Past Director and General Manager

H.E. Mr. Thavee Bunyakate
Founding Past Director

H.E. Mr. Seni Pramoj
Founding Past Director

Mr. Pong Sarasin
Founding Director and Past Chairman 2001-2014

Mr. Arsa Sarasin
Past Chairman 2014-2019

Mrs. Sarunya Chowkwanyun
Founding Past Director

Luang Damrong Duritrek
Founding Past Vice Chairman

Dr. Pracha Mokkhavesa
Founding Director and Past Vice Chairman

Mr. Van Chansue
Founding Past Secretary

Mr. Rongsanit Chotikasathira
Founding Past Treasurer

Dr. Puey Ungpakorn
Founding Past Director

Mr. Charoon Euarchukiet
Founding Past Director

Dr. Suvarn Valaisathien
Past Secretary

Dr. Snoh Unakul
Past Director

Dr. Khunying Puengchai Ngarm-Ukos
Past Director